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about us

MDB Studio is an international architectural visualization studio, as well as a place for experimentation in the field of architecture.





We have developed our own work process based on our clients demands and goals

We create 3D images for outstanding projects

MDB STUDIO is an internattional architectural visualization firm.

The trio formed by Thiago Maurelio, Eduardo Dugaich and Marcos Bresser first started working closely with undergraduate students, in order to help them out visualizing their projects.

Throughout the years of experience, our firm was able to expand its network by establishing successful partnerships with several architectural studios, as well as with solo architects.

We believe that empathy and passion towards every project is the key to establish successful partnerships and to perform outstanding results.

MDB Studio understands 3D visualization as a story telling process that passes through every step of our particular prodction methodology, in order to capture the real meaning behind each project.

First, during the modeling phase, the real purpose of the design is approached, from the major concept down to the small scale details, in order to reproduce the architectural object in its minutae.

The next step is the rendering phase. At this point, special atention to materiality, lighting and scenes is the key to reproduce tectonics and construction intention.

The last step of the line is the post production. In this phase, the artists create a bond between reality and fantasy through exploring the starting concept of the project. Hence, the designers, aas well as their prospective or current clients, are able to understand the design as a whole,by combining 3D with feelings of expectation and experience.

Our concerns go far beyond beautiful pictures. As architects, we work on building up societies. Hence, MDB`s practice supports the social activity that architecture promotes

Besides being a visualization practice, MDB STUDIO is a place for experimentation in the architectural field.

The team believes that the conceptual foundations of architecture arise from different fields of utter importance for critical thinking such as philosophy, sociology and arts.
Through entering a varying range of architectural competitions, MDB was able to practice its values and develop its ideals towards a discussion-oriented design process.
Recently, MDB was awarded with a finalist mention in two major international architecture competitions, respectively organized by Kaira Looro Organization and Young Architects Competitions (YAC).

our process


Organization Oriented

Before becoming one of MDB's creative minds, the architect Thiago Maurelio has collaborated with several renowned architecture firms, among which Corsi Hirano arquitetos and Studio Arthur Casas, as well as GOAA, where Thiago currently works as an architect besides running MDB.

He has also spent an year in Madrid as a student at ETSAM, where he was able to develop his expertise in architectural design and presentation methods in terms of drawings, digital modeling and phisycal modeling.


Design Oriented

The architect Eduardo Dugaich has started his professional experience in the field of visualization as a 3D visualization instructor at LABi-Training Center. As an architect, he collaborated with several studios such as Yuri Vital Arquiteto, Apiacás Arquitetos and, more recently, with the international architecture firm Ttriptyque Architecture.

Eduardo has spent an year in Lisbon as an exchange student and he is currently a master student in Resilient and Sustainable Strategies in the field of building construction.


Detail Oriented

Marcos Bresser is a graduate architect with an eye for detail. He collaborated with the international renowned firm AECOM between 2012 and 2013, and later on at other recognized architectural firms such as Biselli Katchborian Arquitetos, UNA Arquitetos and Gui Mattos Arquitetura.

His eye for detail and his constant pursuit of perfection make of him an essential part of MDB's high performance.

who we are